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Sharon P. Schwab, Inc.
Landscape Design, Consultation,  Installation

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Understanding the  design intent  of your landscape is most
important for the continued success and appearance of your
property.  We refer to this relationship between maintenance and
landscape plan as the  "design-maintenance connection,"  and we
work closely with our clients so that this concept is understood.

But the reality is that most of us do not have enough time in the day
to take on the tasks of yard maintenance.  We recognize this fact.  

We want your landscape to look its best always.  That's why we offer
help in maintaining your property.  You may have us come out once
or twice during the year...or we may arrive throughout the growing
season on a scheduled basis.   Some options include:
A.  Continuous seasonal care of your trees,
shrubs, perennials and ground covers
including feeding, pruning, mulching and
dividing your perennials if needed or

B.  A one-time visit  to "spruce" up the
landscape if you're planning a yard party or
other outdoor event.  Or you may want help
with  "putting your garden to rest"  in the fall.
A two-week notice is usually required.
Ph. 248-646-6631