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Did you know that a  well-thought-out  landscape can increase the value of your home by at least 10%?  It has
been shown that design  'sophistication'  is the most important factor in  
client satisfaction  as well as increasing
market value.

Needless to say, a good plan is  
essential.   From a simple, low-maintenance  garden to an entire layout of
landscaping for new construction or renovation,  I can help you plan the landscape of your dreams.  This plan
may include walkways, decks, patios, pools and play areas and always with a detailed planting plan included.
The design process is simple:
I welcome the opportunity to help you create your ideal that fits  YOUR  lifestyle.   If  you're thinking
of  having me design your landscape,  please fill out and submit the "Contact Us" form with your comments, and I
will contact  you to set up a meeting.   

The fee for developing a custom landscape plan will be calculated at $55 per hour with a minimum fee of $400.
Design fees are refunded, all or in part, after the completion of the installation of all or part of your landscape. If  
you'd like  to meet with me before deciding, I can do hour of  your time is all that's needed.   An estimate
of plan fees can be done at that time.

Note:   Please ask about a landscape consultation...sometimes advice and a quick sketch is all that's needed!
A.   First  we will meet  to discuss the overall scope of  your project.  We'll walk the site
and if needed, do a rough concept sketch of  the areas to be landscaped.  We will use
this time to discuss your need and desire for certain privacy issues, screening, low
maintenance,  etc.   Do you have a particular look and feel you'd like to achieve in your
landscape?  Are there certain plants you would like to see?  We will discuss this and
more at this first meeting.

B.   I will return  to take photos and measure the property and will use this information
along with the information gathered in the first meeting to develop a preliminary
landscape plan (rough draft).

C.   Now I am ready to present  the preliminary plan to you.  At this second meeting, we
will thoroughly cover the details of the plan, review concepts and ideas, address any
questions or concerns you may have, and make changes if necessary.   For the larger
landscape, more than one meeting may be necessary.

D.   With your approval, the final landscape plan will be developed.

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